Garlic Mustard: Join the Effort

One load of the 8,200 lbs of garlic mustard pulled in 2007 by Skyline residents

“The Skyline Ridge Residents-Based Garlic Mustard Effort”

This is a joint effort of Skyline Ridge Neighbors (SRN), Forest Park Neighborhood Association (FPNA) and Skyline Grange.  The success of controlling the spread of garlic mustard requires all of us.

This Project can help you with:

•      correct identification of garlic mustard plants,
•      instructions for properly pulling & disposing of plants,
•      provision of heavy plastic bags, duct tape, & free-to-you disposal of pulled plants,
•      provision of a disposal site for bagged plants at Skyline Grange,
•      provision of Permission of Entry forms for City of Portland & WMSWCD.

For information, volunteer to help, or questions, contact:

•     Sen Speroff (503-621-3331 or sensperoff [at] hotmail [dot] com) for SRN
•     Leslie Hildula (503-283-8626 or  hildulal [at] gmail [dot] com) for FPNA

Project’s roadside signs were funded by SRN & West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District.  Disposal of plants is funded by Metro.  Many agencies, groups & individuals have partnered to control garlic mustard in Oregon.

Become informed and involved for the health of our native woodlands.               

Project Dates: 

•    December through March:  Pulling plants in the rosette stage 
•    April through June: Pulling bolted flowering plants before they go to seed  

Where: wherever garlic mustard is growing within SRN and FPNA boundaries

•    We are targeting garlic mustard growing along roadways, beyond public rights-of-way, on our own properties, and that of our neighbors.


Watch the excellent garlic mustard video on your computer at

Coordinators & Questions:

•  For Skyline Ridge Neighbors:
        Sen Speroff (503-621-3331 or sensperoff [at] hotmail [dot] com)

•  For Forest Park Neighborhood Association:
         Leslie Hildula (503-283-8626 or hildulal [at] gmail [dot] com)