How to get involved with Skyline Grange?

Pre Souper Supper Set Up Crew

The Building has been helped!

The place has been tuned up by skillful workers! We expect we'll host Springtime Pancake Brunches & Fall Soup nights with a LOT less sparky uncertainty. Come join us?

Who to contact?

Sen Speroff is our Grange Master. But she prefers the title "Grange Grand Mustard". ("Get out there & yank out that Garlic Mustard," she encourages!)  Her home phone number is: 503-621-3331 and she can be reached via e-mail  at skylinegrange894 [at] msn [dot] com

Grange members meet at the Hall, (wear a fleecey thing for winter meetings!) the 3rd Monday of the month except August @ 7:30pm. Rarely are we dismissed after 8:30. It's at these meetings we scheme on the next fun project or event we'd like to orchestrate.

Come throw your two cents into the pot as well! We're friendly.

Officially joining the Grange requires the exchange of some money for an official membership card. This year those dues went up to $40.00 per year. A portion of those dues go to both National & State Grange coffers. But we're frugal & what's left, will be spent very wisely in our local community.

Do what you do at The Grange Hall?

If you need a place to hold a meeting, have a celebration, teach wreathmaking?, host a rabbit show? or any other activity where community members are involved call Pat Barnard, (503)522 0904, PBARNARD2 [at] aol [dot] com to arrange it!


Did we say we're friendly? Come join in the fun of pouring over the Garage Sale items before the Sale? Get to know your neighbors & help them take home huckleberries in the Spring? Serve soup to cold, hungry folks? Help chop some wood & make firewood accessible to folks who are waaaaaaay too cold? It's ALL good fun & we'd love to get to know YOU too! If you have interest in the Grange Woods Revitalization Project contact Tracy Waters at bluewaters [at] pcez [dot] com Those Work Parties are a monthly event the first Saturday of the month.