How To Hand Pull Garlic Mustard

2nd Year bolted flowering plants (spring)

It is easy to volunteer, just follow these directions closely.  Your native wildflowers and woodlands will thank you. 

  1. There are no scheduled work parties.  Work at times convenient for you.  If you want to be assigned a location, contact us.
  2. Learn how to accurate identify garlic mustard. Watch the video referred to above and inspect a real plant at one of our roadside signs or at Plainview Grocery.
  3. Wear sturdy footwear, washable clothing, and gloves.  If working along roadside, wear a bright, reflective vest.  Ideally work with a buddy.
  4. Use large, heavy duty plastic bags (available at Skyline Grange). 
  5. Pull plants from the periphery of an infestation towards the center.  Gently tug plant at its base until the main root loosens from the soil & the entire plant pulls out.  Take care to remove the entire root system.
  6. Place plant into plastic bag (only garlic mustard plants).  Do not leave pulled plants on the ground or dispose in your compost pile.
  7. When the bag is almost full, squeeze the extra air out & tightly secure the bag closed.  Do not overfill bags!
  8. Take bags to Skyline Grange and place them by the “Garlic Mustard Disposal Site” sign.  Grange is located at 11275 NW Skyline Blvd. (0.1 miles west of Newberry or 1.6 miles east of Cornelius Pass Rd.). 
  9. Be careful not to contaminate the Grange’s property with loose plants or seeds.  If there is a hole in the plastic bag, secure it closed with duct tape.  (Duct tape is available at Skyline Grange.)
  10. Fill out the important “Garlic Mustard Collection Data Form” which is in the box located at the Grange’s disposal site.  Record the number of hours each volunteer worked and the location where plants were pulled.  This information is vital for mapping plant location, calculating volunteer hours, and to make future management plans.  For your confidentiality, your name will not be included in any reports.                
  11. When you are finished, wash your clothing & thoroughly clean your footwear so you do not spread seeds to your own property or to anywhere else.
  12. Inform and involve your family, neighbors and friends.  Give them literature, show them a specimen, and encourage them to help pull plants according to these guidelines.
  13. Ideally return to your work site weekly to pull any new plants you might find.


Treat Garlic Mustard like a terribly infectious disease!

After being in a garlic mustard site, remember you, your dog, horse, vehicle, and bike can become seed carriers and inadvertently spread seeds to uncontaminated sites.  After being anywhere where garlic mustard might be:

  • Scrub your footwear thoroughly.   
  • Wash off your bicycle & vehicle tires. 
  • Brush your dog. 
  • Wash your clothing.