Illegal Dumping – Do Not Touch the Evidence!

Our semi-rural roadsides are convenient sites for illegal dumping. Seclusion makes the dumper less likely to be spotted. Steep ravines, roads with wide shoulders, ditches and turnouts make illegal dumping quite easy to do.

What can you do?

  1. Be on the lookout for illegal dump sites or trash-laden pickup trucks cruising our neighborhood.
  2. If you find a site, Do Not Touch the Evidence! Call Multnomah County Nuisance Control at 503-988-3464.
  3. If you observe illegal dumping happening, call 911 and report date, time, address, description of the person(s) dumping, and a description of the vehicle, including color, type and license plate number.
  4. Keep our roadsides clean. Any site with tires or trash bags tends to act as a magnet for more illegal dumping.