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Saturday April 3, 2010


What: SOLV Neighborhood Cleanup April 17th

Where: Brooks Hill Church to be assigned an area (or inform the SOLV coordinators where you'd like to work)
            or the Logie Trail Crew meets at BJ Richard's House, 18529 NW Logie Trail

When: Saturday April 17th 9:00 am to 1 pm

If you're interested in helping you can sign up at the SOLV website or email Jolene Williams with your name, email and phone number at jolenefwilliams [at] yahoo [dot] com or call 503-247-7135.

The annual SOLV Neighborhood Cleanup is fast approaching on Saturday, April 17th. Each year 40 to 50 volunteers help spruce up the neighborhood between 9AM until 1PM. There are two crews in the neighborhood. Volunteers can meet at the Brooks Hill Church across from Skyline School at 9AM where they can be assigned a needy stretch of road or probably chose their preferred stretch. 

The Logie Trail crew will meet at 18529 NW Logie Trail at 9AM which is BJ's Richards house. Over a hundred tires have been found down a hill and the Logie Crew is looking for some strong youth that would be willing to climb down the hill and hook up the tires to winch lines. They need to be 18 years of age or their parents need to be on site. If you're interested please call 503-247-7135 and let us know you can help.

We also need folks to contact us if you know of illegal dump sites, large items that may need to be moved with a winch and areas that are in really bad shape. If you're interested in baking some goodies for the volunteers the day of the event please let Jolene know, they would be greatly appreciated. Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, April 6th: Trekking Springville Road with Laura Foster

Join Laura Foster, local author of Portland Hill Walks and Portland City Walks, for one of her popular hikes exploring Portland neighborhoods adjacent to Forest Park.
From Skyline Boulevard, walk down the historic Springville Road, a former market road turned park trail, and meander through the isolated Whitwood Court neighborhood at its base. From there, investigate an intriguing staircase, learn a bit about the old St. Johns ferry and the former community (in the 1860s) of Springville, wander out onto the St. Johns Bridge for some fabulous river views, and head back uphill via the beautiful Ridge and Hardesty Trails.
This walk is steep and strenuous, with about 800 feet of elevation gain.

When:Tuesday, April 6th. 9 am to 11:30 am.

Pre-registration is required. All Discovery Hikes are free for members of the Forest Park Conservancy. Non-members are invited to join FPC, but are also welcome to participate at a cost of $10 per person per hike. For more information, please visit the event listing on the FPC website .
All registrants will receive an email with detailed information about the hike, including a map and custom driving directions.

Also coming soon:Native Trees of Forest Park with Stephen Hatfield - Thursday, April 8th, 10 am to noon

Any questions, feel free to contact us at hikes [at] forestparkconservancy [dot] org


Perennials & Douglas Fir Seedlings Now at Grange's Tree/Plant Sale:

Topic: Oisinns, a local wholesale nursery, will provide some non-native, ornamental perennials for Skyline Grange's Tree & Native Plant Sale.  Douglas Fir seedlings will come from Oregon State Dept of Forestry.

When: Friday-Saturday, April 16-17
                    Or pre-order by April 11 at grangeplants_2010 [at] smn [dot] com
Hours:          9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Where:         Skyline Grange, 11275 NW Skyline Blvd.

Plants:          Arctostaphyllos    assachusetts - groundcover (3.5" pot) ($2)
Hemerocallis  American    Revolution  Day lily (1 gal container) ($6)
Hemerocallis- Barbary    Corsair (1 gal container) ($6)
Miscanthus   Gracillimus- Grasses (1 gal container) ($5)
Miscanthus   purpurascens (1 gal container) ($5)
Miscanthus  yaka   Jima (1 gal container) ($5)
Panicum Cloud Nine - switch grasses (1 gal container) ($6)
Panicum Dallas Blue (1 gal container) ($6)
Panicum Heavy Metal (1 gal container) ($6)
Pennestem Cassian -Fountain grass (1 gal container) ($6)
Doug Fir Seedlings:  50¢ each or 12 for $5

Native Pre-Orders Due April 11 for Grange's Tree/Plant Sale

Download Pre-Order form at or email grangeplants_2010 [at] msn [dot] com. This form is for native plants only.  Bareroot ornamental and fruit-bearing trees and shrubs will be available at Sale only.

Oregon Small Farm News – Spring 2010 has been posted at

  • Small Farms Conference a Big Success

  • Alternative Meat Marketing Strategies: Small Farms Conference Session

  • Farm Profile: Walker Farms

  • Oregon Country Trails are Blazing Opportunities for Rural Entrepreneurs

  • Irrigation Management Basics

  • OSU Cover Crop Calculator to be Launched in Early April

  • Love’s Labors Lost: Small Ruminant Abortion Storms

  • Living on a Few Acres: A Success

  • Oregon Farmers, Ranchers Unite to Shape the Future of Agriculture

  • Calendar

Please enjoy reading!

Oregon Small Farms Team – OSU Extension Service


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Community Calendar


When: Saturday April 17  9 am - 1 pm
Sign up at the SOLV website or email Jolene Williams with your name, email and phone number at jolenefwilliams [at] yahoo [dot] com or call 503-247-7135.


  • When: Friday - Saturday, April 16- 17, 9a.m. - 5p.m.
  • Where: Skyline Grange, 11275 NW Skyline Blvd. (1.6 miles east of Cornelius Pass Rd or 0.1 miles west of Newberry Rd.)


  • Deadline: April 11
  • How: Fill out the Pre-Order Form and return it by April 11. Pay and pick up your Pre-Order at Skyline Grange's Tree & Native Plant Sale on April 16-17
  • Not sure about which plants suits your site? Refer to our Pre-Order Plant Description . It's easy. Pre-order is available for only the native plants, and not for the bareroot portion of the Sale.



  • What: Make a donation of used book (for all ages), or just plan to stop by and shop.


  • When: Tuesday, May 18,  7:00 p.m.
  • Where: Willis Building, 360 NW Greenleaf  (west off Skyline Blvd. at the crest of the hill between Burnside and Cornell Roads.  It looks like a driveway...  It is a driveway  - to the Willis Bldg. if you go straight.)



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Sat, 04/03/2010