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June 20, 2012



Home Break In
Friday, the 15th of June, between 11:00Am and 12:00PM, there was a
break in to a house on McNamee Rd. He crashed through the locked large
wood front door, breaking the door open.  Nothing was taken, as there
was someone home and scared the big, bald headed man off.  There was a
woman waiting in the car for him.  The car was a white, small sedan
type..... older Toyota.


Skyline Artisans Guild Meeting, June 27
The next meeting of the Skyline Artisans Guild will be held on June
27, 7 PM at the Skyline Grange. Anyone who is interested in displaying
and selling their handmade works at the Guild's summer event in July
(27-28) should attend this planning meeting. Please bring a check for
$25 to reserve a booth space. Participation is welcome from all arts,
crafts and culinary food artisans living in the Skyline neighborhood.
For more information, contact Ken Pincus (ken [at] pincuspotterystudio [dot] com)
or Sue Kenney (503-621-3710).


Neighborhood Meeting for Proposed Private Park
(paraphrasing a letter from Matthew Newman with NW Engineers)
There will be a Neighborhood Meeting for Special Use and Development
Review for a Proposed Private Park in the EFU and EFC Districts. A Type I
Replacement Dwelling in the EFU District is also requested in
Washington County, tax lots 900 & 1100 of Tax Map 2N2 35 at 12960 NW
Dick Road, Hillsboro, OR 97124.
The applicant is proposing to establish a private park on the
property. The existing residence on Tax Lot 900 will be converted into
the park headquarters and indoor picnic area. A replacement dwelling
will be constructed elsewhere on the site. The two tax lots are
approximately 38.55 acres and 29.56 acres in area, located in
unincorporated Washington County, and designated EFU and EFC on the
Rural/Natural Resource Plan  element of the Washington County
Comprehensive Plan.
Prior to submitting the development application to Washington County
for review and approval, we wish to discuss the proposal in more detail
with the surrounding property owners and residents. Accordingly, you are
invited to attend an informational meeting for the proposal at the
following date, time and location:
Date: Wednesday June 27th, 2012
Time: 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Place: Garden Vineyards, 12155 NW Dick Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97124
This will be an informational meeting to review and discuss the
preliminary development plans. The Plans may be altered prior to
submittal of the application to Washington County. We look forward to
discussing this proposal with you. Feel free to fax your comments to:
503.601.4402 if you will be unable to attend the meeting.
Matthew Newman
Planning Manager
NW Engineers, LLC
19075 NW Tanasbourne Drive Ste: 160
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Phone 503.601.4401; Fax: 503.601.4402


Gardening News from OSU Extension Service and the OSU Agricultural Experiment Station
Summer is a good time to renovate spring bulb beds
Spring bulbs will produce bigger flowers if separated, fertilized and given either compost or mulch to the soil.
View this article:
How to prevent rose diseases
Black spot, rust and powdery mildew can challenge any gardener.
Coax tomatoes and peppers to maturity
Oregon's cool springs and cool summer nights can prevent tomatoes and peppers from setting fruit early enough.
How to prepare for the county fair
Now is the time to begin planning to enter some of your best produce in your county fair.
Tips for first-time gardeners
"Growing Your Own," a practical guide for first-time gardeners, can
be accessed online. Copies of a printed version may be purchased online,
or contact your county Extension office.
Questions and answers on pest management
This systematic approach to identify pests gives tactics that are
cultural, physical, biological or chemical. The least toxic methods are
always considered first.
How to meet the watering needs of growing vegetables
Soil type is an important factor. Water soaks into and drains through sandy soil about twice as fast as it does clay soil.
Singing in the rain: technology improves monitoring of bird sounds
A new computer technology listens to multiple bird sounds at one time
to identify which species are present and how they may be changing.
View this article: 
OSU unveils new seafloor mapping of Oregonâ??s nearshore ocean
The most immediate focus is the threat posed by a major tsunami.
New OSU-trained taste testers will evaluate experimental wines
Volunteers use a sensory method that allows them to use their own
vocabulary to describe the color, aroma, taste and "mouthfeel" of wines.
New center will assess impact of Farm Bill and other policies
Research will assess how revisions to the Farm Bill will affect
issues such as rural poverty, global competition, climate change and
food safety.


 Skyline band needs flutes! (and other instruments)
Since we have a large incoming 6th grade class, Skyline is in need of
about a dozen band instruments, especially flutes. If you have any
instruments (flute, clarinet, sax, trumpet, cornet, trombone, euphonium,
tuba) that you can spare, you donation (or even loan) is much
Also, if you have a school instrument that should have been returned, please return it A.S.A.P
You can leave the instruments in the office by june 29th.
Thank you all for your support.
Ron Murvihill

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