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Sept 21, 2011


NW Cornelius Pass Road is closed between US Highway 30 and NW Skyline Blvd. due to a tractor trailer truck that rolled over last  night at approximately 10 p.m. near Milepost 1.5.  Crews have been working to remove the cargo from the wood chip truck so that it  can be turned over safely and removed.  Heavy equipment is needed to complete the removal.  The road is expected to remain closed until noon.  Through traffic should use alternate routes such as Highway 26.  Trucks carrying hazardous cargo should use  Interstate 5 to Highway 217 to Highway 26.

*Benefit for Skyline Elementary:* Featuring Cindy Lou Banks, Claire Bard, Marty Henninger, Brad Price & Donny Wright. 7:30 PM  Friday September 23rd Brooks Hill Historic Church 11539 NW Skyline Blvd Admission is $20 Single ticket or $30 per Couple All  proceeds go to Skyline Elementary School. Questions? Drop us an email at cindybanks [at] gmail [dot] com

*Rebuilding Center Skyline Pick-Up:* The Rebuilding Center will be making a pickup in our neighborhood next Friday September 23rd. They accept dimensional lumber over 4 feet with no nails, solid wooden panel doors, insulated windows (no aluminum) or wooden, single pane windows, built-in cabinets, hardware, lighting fixtures, barn wood or architecturally interesting items that don't exactly fit in those categories. They also have a need for hand tools such as hand planes for wood, chisels, carving tools, clean work gloves and measuring tapes for their educational program. For specific questions on what can be donated you can contact Leif at the Rebuilding Center 503.310.7701. If you have something big, contact Leif. For smaller things that you want to just drop off to add to our pick-up call Cindy at 503.819.1307. More information about them:


The llama on the lam showed up at the neighbors (Vaughns) across the trees. He hung out there for most of a week and then  amazingly just showed up in our wheat field.  Before we could do anything he jumped over an electric fence into our pasture with our cows and other llama.   He seems to have bonded with our other llama (William) and appears content.   He has been there every since.  We are moving his feed toward the barn area to get him more integrated with the other animals and he seems to be making progress. The name Houdini was suggested for his escaping ways but maybe a name associated with his returning ways would be fun at this point.  In any case, he seems to have adopted us for now.  Thanks to the folks who helped keep tabs on the movement of this interesting llama and of course the SRN newsline!

Jim Kessinger
Plumper Pumpkin Patch &
Tree Farm, LLC

 We found two domestic bunnies Thursday morning, in the 13600 area of Skyline. To claim them call 503-621-9229. 

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