Old Geezers do Grange Woods Work!

Two more piles for chipping later........
Now we're up to three BIG piles!

It was soft & cold, snowing intermittently and none of us was under 50 years old!. But 7 hardy oldsters met @ the Grange again this last Saturday & made an impressive difference at the other end of the property. We generated another 21 hours of volunteer time & cleaned out a nasty stand of willows in one place. Down beneath the shelf we tidied up a bunch of little maples which will transform clay into lasting pottery. Those woods have gotten no attention for 50 years it seems & there's plenty of drek that needs to be hauled out and removed. Sen Speroff was so impressive as she yanked & pulled & grabbed at stuff that needed to be GONE! BEAR & George & Ken worked the winch & took out BIG trees, growing horizontally. Miles thoughtfully & thoroughly removed each maple & plenty more scraggly upstarts in the wrong places. Have a look?