Outdoor Safety During Hunting Season

Always wear blaze orange

Whether you’re a worker, hunter, hiker or landowner, it’s a good idea to wear blaze orange clothing when working or recreating in the woods. Blaze orange (also called hunter orange) is a specifically-defined, highly visible color used to help people stand out from their surroundings.
Although hunters in Oregon are not required to wear blaze orange, it is strongly recommended by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) for big game rifle seasons and upland bird hunting. Wear one or more articles of this brilliant orange clothing such as a hat, cap, vest or jacket. Blaze orange clothing is available at sporting good stores and online.

Be informed

Obtain a copy of Oregon’s hunting regulations or access the information on the Wildlife section of ODFW’s Web site. For a comprehensive understanding of hunting in Oregon look at both the Big Game Regulations and Game Bird Regulations. These publications are updated annually. Copies are available at ODFW offices or sporting good retail stores such as GI Joe’s, BiMart, Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart and Sportman’s Warehouse.

Clean up

Manage all food responsibly; store it in cars, trucks or animal-proof containers. Never feed a wild animal. Once habituated to human food, animals can become safety problems and often must be destroyed.

Report problems

Report any hunting-related or wildlife problems to the Oregon State Police or a local ODFW office.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
2406 Cherry Avenue NE
Salem, OR 97303-4924