Reducing Unwanted Mail

Mail Preference Service (MPS)

Direct Marketing Association (DMA) provides Mail Preference Service (MPS) to individuals who wish not to receive unsolicited commercial advertising. When you register with DMA, your name and address are placed in a "do-not-mail" file. All DMA members are required to remove your name from their mailings if you have registered with DMA. This "do-not-mail" list is distributed to members in January, April, July and October. Your name will remain on file for five years. Typically a person should begin to see a reduction in mail in three months. The service is reserved for individuals, not mail of a business-to-business nature.

There are three ways to register for Mail Preference Service:
• Postcard or Letter Mail-in Option (free): Mail a request to Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing Association, PO Box 643, Carmel, NY 10512.
• Online Mail-In Option (free): Complete the Online Option at and mail it in.
• Complete Online Option ($5): This is the fast way to reduce unsolicited mail.

Other Suggestions

When making a purchase, placing an order, or making a donation, write or ask the company not to rent your name to other companies or organizations.
To stop unwanted sexually oriented advertising (SOA), get Form 2150 or Form 1500 from your Post Office to stop mail from a particular company.