Safe Food Preservation

Jeanne Brandt, OSU Extension, teaches about safe food preservation.

OSU Extension advisor Jeanne Brandt presented information on methods for safe food preservation at the Grange on May 22, 2010, as part of the Country Living seminar series.

She said that the most important message for safe food preservation at home is to get and follow the latest university-tested recipes and instructions for hot water canning, pressure canning, drying, freezing, etc. She provided the following links for up to date information:

OSU Food Preservation

National Center for Home Food Preservation

USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning

From July 15 to Oct. 15, Monday-Thursday, 9 AM - 4 PM, you can call the OSU Extension Food Safety / Preservation Hotline at 800-354-7319.

Another reference she suggested is the Ball Blue Book of Preserving (Alltrista Consumer Products). Be sure to get an edition published later than 1988.