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Fire Safety in the Wildland-Urban Interface

Are you doing your annual home repairs and improvements? Make sure your home gets a fire safety checkup while youʼre at it!

Here are some of the basic fire safety tips for homeowners in the wildland-urban interface area from Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue

  • Trees and brush should be properly thinned and pruned within a 30-foot fire safety zone around your house. Extend your safety zone on the downhill side if your home is located on sloping terrain.
  • Make sure that your roof and gutters are swept clear of debris.
  • Have your chimney cleaned regularly. Remove any overhanging branches.
  • Grass and weeds should be cut within 30 feet of all buildings.
  • Ensure that firewood is stacked uphill or on a contour away from buildings.
  • Have an outdoor water supply, including hoses and nozzles.
  • See that home fire extinguishers are inspected and fully charged.
  • Make sure the driveway has 10-foot wide and 15-foot high clearance for fire vehicle access, and that your address is clearly marked.
  • If access to your home involves bridges or culvert crossings, ensure they are strong enough to withstand the weight of fire vehicles.
  • Have tools, such as shovels, rakes, buckets, ladders, and axes, readily available.
  • Prepare a family fire drill and evacuation plan and practice regularly.
  • Enclose or wall up the sides of stilt foundations; screen openings in crawl and attic spaces where appropriate.
  • Remove trash and debris accumulations in the fire safety zone.

An excellent web site for more information on improving fire safety outside your home is . Click on Firewise Resources/For the Homeowner. For more fire safety information throughout your home, visit .

Have Your Property “Previewed” for Fire Safety by TVF&R

Anyone interested in having their property “previewed” for fire safety suggestions may contact Captain Larry Pfeifer by email at larry [dot] pfeifer [at] tvfr [dot] com or though Station 68 at 503-356-4768. It would be our pleasure to accompany any homeowner on a walk-around survey of their property. We will make ourselves available on weekends and evenings as necessary to accommodate those who may work 9-5 schedules.