Sheriff’s Patrols and Home Safety

Based on a presentation to SRN on Nov. 3, 2010 by Deputy Bryan White, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office

Organization of the Sheriff's Office 
Responsibilities of the Sheriff's Office 
MCSO Patrol Units 
Bureau of Emergency Communications (911)
Creating a Safer Neighborhood 
Oregon's Move Over Law 
How You Can Help MCSO 


Organization of the Sheriff's Office 

• Corrections Division: Staffs & operates County Jails and related programs 
• Law Enforcement Division: Staffs & Operates Patrol, River Patrol, Detectives, Special Investigations, Warrant Strike Team, Search & Rescue, Civil, etc. Law Enforcement employs 75 deputies and has a smaller budget than Corrections.


Responsibilities of the Sheriff's Office 

What's the difference between a Deputy Sheriff and a Police Officer? 

- Unincorporated vs. Incorporated: Sheriff principal jurisdiction is unincorporated county
- Sheriff serves Civil Papers and arrest warrants; Portland Police do not


MCSO Patrol Units

10 - Sauvie Island, Skyline Ridge 
20 -Dunthorpe, Sylvan 
30 - Wood Village, Maywood Park 
40 - Pleasant Valley, Pleasant Home 
50 - Corbett, Columbia River Gorge 

Under current staffing, Units 10 and 20 are usually combined (total 66 sq. miles)

MCSO patrols 282 square miles (61%) of Multnomah County's 465 square miles 

How many Deputies are assigned to each patrol district? 

Minimum staffing levels: 1 car per shift (3 daily shifts) covers both Units 10 & 20 but some nights have two cars on patrol

What makes the 10 & 20 districts unique from the other districts? 

Compared to other units, these two units are separated by long distances and response times are affected by traffic

How do other MCSO units assist the Patrol Unit with calls for service in the 10 & 20 districts? 

River Patrol can also respond to calls in our area

These agencies can also respond to 911 calls in our area:

-Portland Police Bureau 
-Columbia County Sheriff (Scappoose PD) 
-Washington County Sheriff
-Oregon State police 

Bureau of Emergency Communications (911)

How does BOEC (911 Center) dispatch calls for service? 

- Landline vs. Cell phone calls: Calls from a landline shows caller’s address. Calls from a cell phone may first go to a different county.

- Mapstar and Cell towers: Mapstar shows caller location within 300 ft. 

- Incomplete calls (e.g. when caller can’t speak), children playing on the phone 

Help us find you quickly - Address markers should be visible along public road by your driveway

When to call 911 or the non-emergency number?

911: Life-threatening emergency or immediate danger

Non-emergency: All other calls (503-823-3333; answered 24/7). Press any key to reach a call taker, but you may have to wait.

What information do I need to provide to 911 Call center? 

- Detailed descriptions: what, where, who, when 


Why is it important to report suspicious activity as soon as possible? 

- Your call may help solve a crime 

- "I don't want to bother them." Don’t worry; please call us.

You can request that your personal info is not given out if you call in a report

Why Deputies may not be able to answer questions about activity in your neighborhood 

- Case confidentiality 

- Protection of personal information 


Creating a Safer Neighborhood 

Sheriff's Office Vacation Check Program - Call 503-255-3600 ext 0 

- Dates you will be gone, contact info 
- Vehicles at the residence 
- People or pets at the residence 
- Codes for gates 
- Local people with keys to your house

Don't make yourself an easy target: Avoid posting vacation info on Internet 

Optimize your home's "defenses" - Lighting, Locks, Alarms, Signs 

- Trim trees/shrubs around your home 

Get to know your neighbors; Share information with those you trust 


Oregon's Move Over Law 

Oregon law requires motorists to move over one lane when passing any stopped emergency vehicle with emergency lights activated: 

- Police Car 
- Fire Truck 
- Ambulance 
- Tow Truck, Roadside Assistance Vehicle 

If you're unable to move over (two lane roadway or vehicles adjacent to you), Oregon law requires you to slow down AT LEAST 5 MPH below the speed limit 

Minimum fine is $287; $400 if involved in a crash (along with possible criminal charges) 

53 officers were killed in the United States in automobile crashes/assaults in 2009


How You Can Help MCSO 

Contact County Commissioner Deborah Kafoury 

- district1 [at] multco [dot] us; 503-988-5220 

Attend County Budget hearings each spring 

Save our Sheriffs website:



Deputy Bryan White 
Bryan [dot] White [at] mcso [dot] us 
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Division 
12240 NE Glisan St., Portland, OR 97230