Weed Wrenches to Borrow

Five hundred Scot’s broom plants live no more, thanks to two Weed Wrenches owned by SRN. To borrow one of these wonder tools, call Sen at (503) 621-3331 or email sensperoff [at] hotmail [dot] com.

The Weed Wrench is also effective in uprooting other unwanted woody shrubs and sapling trees, such as English holly, Norway maple, Russian olive, willow, and conifers. It works on some herbaceous plants if their stems are fibrous and tough enough not to break before the roots are pulled out. It may be useful for a first-round removal of blackberry vines; however, you still will have to dig up the underground root runners. It will not work on soft-stemmed plants or on those that grow in a clump, like pampas grass.

The wrench is a heavy tool: the large model weighs 24 pounds and the medium-sized model 17.5 pounds, but if you have ordinary strength, you can use one after only seconds of familiarization. It is our hope that by making these tools available, Skyline residents will be more likely to pull up a few “bad” plants before they spread and become a huge problem. According to Tim Butler, director of Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Noxious Weed Program, every dollar spent on early detection and rapid response to control noxious weeds produces a $33 return. It’s easier and far cheaper to nip problems in the bud than to tackle widespread infestations later. According to Butler’s formula, the Skyline neighborhood stands to gain a $12,243 return on SRN’s $371 purchase. What a benefit! Now the only factor missing is you. Borrow a Weed Wrench and yank up those bad plants!